Sunday, April 23, 2017


The success of a culture or country must not be based on the suppression of another.

Courtesy is a state of mind, not a momentary utterance, but I’ll take the latter any time.

Cell phones destroy human cells; it takes energy to do that. That is why they go dead so quickly.

Shopping is medicine for the bored mind.

When not asked, the only person interested in what you are saying about yourself is only yourself.

God gave us a beautiful earth; we gave ourselves the facility to destroy it.

How can you expect people to understand you when you don’t understand them - let alone yourself?

Whining works wonders for people to leave you alone – even when you want them to stay.

The noblest sibling is the one who gets shunned, yet never speaks negatively about the one who did it. 

A friend is like a flower in a field of weeds. If you pick one, water it every day to keep it blooming near you. As for the weeds, they're all around, so keep your eyes open for that flower. 

You never need to explain yourself to one who loves you. However, you will always be explaining to those who don't. 

Love is life's longest journey yet it only takes a second to fall from grace. 

Silence is not golden when you need someone to talk to you; tell them. 

Dogs never give up; humans barely even try. 

Feeling sorry for yourself is feeling like everyone else, so why 
doesn't it feel good? You know the answer.  

Criticizing people are usually not just unhappy with you, but also with themselves. Still, sometimes what they say you must consider; it sometimes shows you how you are perceived, and they may be right, but it shows you more about them. 

Have ever noticed that as we age, we become more balanced in our lives, yet our balance is one of the first things to go. Don't fall!

A lot of people can laugh at themselves wanting you to believe they really are humble; but deep down, they know they are prideful.  

Humans bond better and more profoundly with animals than they do with their own ken. That's because we are more primitive than we would like to think. We are beasts begging for love from our animal/pets. And we get it from them - far more and forever than we get from humans.

Love God, give yourself to him, and feel the peace within. 

Loneliness stalks us, but look not to others to fill your void. A simple greeting to a stranger works wonders. Enjoy the child you pass outside. Study the patterns in a leaf; look at a single cloud or blade of grass, and realize you are not alone. You are an integral part of it all - even though the universe is as infinite as a black hole.

Don't judge others, but judge yourself with gentleness with a view to eliminating behavior that harms you and others.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

KEMTIYU-SEEX ANTA (Directed by Ousmane William M’Baye) *

Archival stills and film clips attempt to reveal the genius of Cheikah Anita Diop. This brilliant Senrgalese man went to Paris’s Sorbonne to study philosophy as a young man, and also chemistry. He became an advocate for proving Egypt was not European , but a nation of blacks. In fact, it is African. He wrote volumes on African history, and upon returning to Senegal, opened up a carbon 14 laboratory. This wonderful man was arrested for his beliefs on Egypt, and only got his due after his death, when the University in Dakar’s name changed to take on his name.  He died in 1986 at the age of 63. What a loss! The film was far too long, and the assortment of people who were interviewed were so many that the film in trying to distil his life turned into a talking heads historical narration that did not truly capture this great man’s passion. (Screened at Vues d”Afrique)

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


 It’s farewell to Alain Lefèvre – renown artistic director of Lanaudière Festival for decades, and hello to the highly gregarious Gregory Charles, a gifted man of superb artistic talents: a comedian, a pianist, owner of two celebrated radio stations and a passionate crusader for music. His career as an entertainer has spanned some 25 years. His popularity is second to none.

It’s a celebratory year for the festival as it enters its 40th season and new beginnings are afoot. M r. Charles expressed his determination to make the festival totally inclusive regarding classical music reaching far beyond Lanaudière’s pristine setting. 

Having grown up with music in his family, his global outlook is not surprising. After all, for ten years, he brought together more than 80,000 choristers from around the world as artistic director of Mondial choral de Laval, a musical event that reached over a million listeners, and his TV appearances are pretty much internationally broadcasted.

Kent Nagano

 The season’s opening concert fittingly presents Alain Lefèvre in an OSM concert with its music director Kent Nagano. The organ and orchestra will open this July1st evening program with a work by Samy Moussa performed by Jean-Willy Kunz . Ravel’s “Concerto in G” which is them followed with the final piece, Mahler’s mighty “Fifth Symphony”. Exciting music for sure.  

Also in the concert series are I Musici de Montréal and Les Violins du Roy. A banquet of timeless composers are being featured this summer, but it’s rare to hear Emily Oulousian, winner of the Virtose 2016 play “Grieg’s Piano Concerto”. That same night, (Saturday, July 15th), Zhan Hong Xiao, winner of the Virtose 2017, will be playing Liszt’s “Piano Concerto No.1”. The final concert for the festival is Wagner’s 4-hour “Parsifal” – conducted by

Yannick Nézet-Séguin
Yannick Nézet-Séguin. This opera has not been heard in Quebec for a century. Now you have the chance to hear it. Wow!

Music will be spilling out of everywhere in the area, including chamber music and more inside four churches. The pickings, including jazz and Broadway musical numbers are so exciting, so please consult the website for the line up of concerts, ticket reservations and venues.  You can also call 1-800-245-7636 or 450-759-7636.The festival runs from July 1st to August 6th.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

A RIDE IN THE COFFIN (Directed by Pluvio Benko) **

A cute film that brings two people hitchhiking at separate times together in the back of a pick-up truck in Rwanda. One hides in a coffin; the other is one her way to to meet the journalist who has
made an appointment with her. The guy in the coffin has a secret crush on her, and that’s why he made the appointment, but the greatest story occurs during the ride. An unusual little story for a shorat Vues Festival)

the two actors in the film

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

SANS REGRETS (Directed by Jacques Trabi)****

 In the Ivory Coast, Gaston works on the docs, but he needs 20,000$ to get his son into the police academy. His dock friends lend him the money, but he is mugged one night, and loses it all. He finds the guy who stole it, and this encounter leads to Gaston’s new life. The thug introduces him to Coffin, his boss, and soon Gaston has given up his duty to hard work and justice, and enters a violent life of easy money. Corruption is everywhere in the city at every level. Gaston gives his family riches, but in the end, he pays an exorbitant price. A good captivating film that provides a glimpse into a country in tatters.  (Screened at Vues d"Afrique Festival)        

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Desiderius loses Latina during a possession Tromba cult in Madagascar. Desiderius, a photographer, films parts of Cuba as he looks for Latina. In so doing, he talks to several people who attest to the magnificence of the Revolution.

 An annoying motif of Latina’s face, a young woman, is shown as silly music plays to mark several moments when the searcher travels in a car to another place rumoured to be where Latina is. Lines from Dali and Buňel pop up as supers. Life and death topics are touched upon as people tale to Desiderius. Latina is really Oshua, spirit God. Cuba never looked so dull. (The film was screened at Vues d’Afrique Festival) in Montreal)

Saturday, April 8, 2017

HUGO PRATT: TRAIT POUR TRAIT (Directed by Tierry Thomas) *****

Acclaimed creator of the strong character, Corto Maltese, genius larger than life  comic book artist Hugo Pratt, this great black and white film presents his adventuring life, sexual antics and loves and his travels all over the world.

 A superb communicator, he instantly made friends; his passion for life was thrilling. His drawings are brilliant. Few men exist like him today. (Screened at FIFA).