Thursday, June 29, 2017

JANGO (Directed by Etienne Comar) **

A lousy flat retelling of Jango Reinhardt’s tormented life where the Nazi’s chased him, and his stability was shaken.  His music and gypsy heritage angered them so much, he was chased as he tried to escape over the Switzerland. The acting was amateur, and that may be why the film played music scenes far too long, and despite his composing genius, the director obviously could not passionately handle that nor the gypsy scenes with authenticity. Reinhardt’s final piece that honours the gypsies was so unlike anything he had ever composed, and it is an astoundingly moving piece of passion and pity. Too bad the director was not so inspired. Even the actor who played Jango looked bored most of the time. The film stealer was Bea Palya, the actress who played his mother. She got into the role.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017



If you're looking for the best agent possible in Montreal who won't waste your time and energy, then here's where to find her.

After five years of looking for a place to buy, I found my answer. It was Diana Campbell. I had gone out with so many other Montreal real estate agents, and everything was wrong: one of the agents put pressure on me; another one kept showing places that did not match my check list; then there was that other one who forgot to tell me there are trains behind the house and the house shakes when they pass.
 I was ready to give up and live under a tree. Then lady luck visited me; the goddess of homes sent me an angel in the form of Diana Campbell.
Diana not only found me the most stunning condo in a superb location, but she did it after only two short days of visiting properties. I trusted this one. She was a keeper. Her communication was outstanding.

Let me tell you about this energetic woman who is also an athlete: she has entered an Olympic triathlon – perfect training for dealing with me.
My journey of buying the condo turned me into a stress maniac.. At every moment, I was emailing her asking her about this and that and when and how. I was a basket case, but nothing phased her.  Despite my nerves, at every stage of buying the condo, she  calmed me down, took care of all kinds of things (notary,  organized cat allergy specialists to eradicate dander), answered questions  excellently, and those that were beyond her expertise, she referred me to someone else if she could not readily find the answer herself. Most importantly, her patience, laughter, cheerfulness and choice to be serious when necessary meant everything to me. She never lost her belief in me, nor scoffed off any question I asked. For her, it all was valid and important because what I wanted to know was valid and important to me. Now that’s an agent you want! 

                         My dog really loves the place, much as I do.

Since 2007, darling fun Diana has been changing people’s lives by finding them the perfect property. I call Diana, my princess, because she really is real estate royalty without snobbery. 

        She made it happen for me.

I can’t recommend her enough. What’s more, she's so much fun to be with her. To this day, she’s still here for me.

Her website is
Email her at:

Friday, June 23, 2017


                                  100 TANTALZING TASTES AND SMELLS 
Michael Petit is not small in any way when it comes to making perfect coffee. As a former chemist, he knows a lot about blending coffee to produce an exquisite taste.

 In 2011, he began a coffee company, and the results of his hard work are amazing. The coffee sips like silk slipping into your mouth, and the flavours are divine. And they are exciting. In fact, Brûlerie des Laurentides really reflects the beauty and sensual variety reflected in the natural gorgeous setting where each bean is lovingly roasted: the sublime Laurentians in the province of Quebec.

“My family has been in the coffee business for over 50 years – that’s three generations of living and breathing coffee.  I’ve replicated my grandfather’s secret recipe, but with new twists and surprises in each bean. Like making pastry, roasting coffee is a fine art that requires a lot of patience, passion and a sense of timing.”

His father travels around the world searching for that perfect bean - much like someone sleuthing a rare orchid hunt. When the containers bring back the beans from over 15 countries, Brûlerie des Laurentides kicks into a heightened state. That’s when the fine art of coffee roasting comes into play and then ends up in your mouth with magnificent results. Each of the blends is made from seven to 14 different coffee beans with 30% boasting the organic factor.

From these beautiful beans, Michael and his team are able to create 100 different flavours that can’t be found anywhere else on the market!

You don’t even need to open the package to be transported into coffee wonderland. So far, I've had my coffee elixir tasting the maple and the reveil matin flavours. That morning coffee is sweet and so lovely. It really hits the mark.
Smell the chocolate blueberry flavour, the maple pecan one or how about chocolate coconut or chocolate raspberry. And there’s that popular chocolate hazelnut flavour. Exotic flavours include maple/bacon, smoky seventh heaven and amaretto. His more traditional flavours – espresso and filter coffee style – go from strong to mild 

“I produce my own flavour for the coffee. One flavour can take over two years to make that magic moment happen of perfect taste.  And when we get it right, we don’t open a bottle of champagne, we drink endless cups of coffee.”

Michael wants everyone to know how incredible coffee can be when it is roasted right with years of experience and experimentation. That’s why he’s dedicating his life to Brûlerie des Laurentides.

The coffee is sold in more than 300 stores in Quebec, including IGA, Provigo and Metro, or you can purchase it on line no matter where you live. Brûlerie des Laurentides is so in-demand, France and the United States now have their coffee cups filled to the brim with Brûlerie’s special brand.
Buy the half a pound bag or have a big bash coffee party where coffee becomes the conversation piece; buy Brûlerie des Laurentide’s 11-pound bag.
Michael will be at Montreal's Provigo store on Monkland in September.

The website is